Donald’s Blog 01-19-17

Well, Donald Trump becomes our 45h President tomorrow officially. It will be interesting to see what happens.


Donald’s Blog

Read a story today, a 12yr old kid in Harlem pulled a gun on a 12 yr old girl demanding a chicken nugget. First off, where the hell does a 12 yr old get a gun? 

Black people wonder why they have an image problem?? Look who their role models are rap stars, dumbass black shows on tv now, movies. Instead of trying to act thuggish, idiotic, stupid, going back to your African roots.

Try earning respect!! Whitey don’t owe black people nothing!! You want respect earn it. Act respectfully, dress respectfully, get jobs. One of your people gets gunned down, protest peacefully. No guns, Molotov cocktails, vandalizing businesses, stealing. Stop pimping, prostitution, ebonics. Act like civilized human beings, not animals.

Donald’s Blog 


Well, today wasn’t bad at all. I feared the worst. Last night was very slick. I was afraid today was more of the same. It wasn’t. Tomorrow, I’m gonna try to talk to my friend and see about that job.